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Urgent message from Fiesta Colorado Dance Company!
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Colorado Gives Day

Dear Family, Friends and Community,

We are calling on you to please donate to the non-profit dance company FIESTA COLORADO!  The mission is to preserve the root cultures of our state, the Mexican and Spanish Arts. The company has performed and given to the community, schools, & city events like Cinco de Mayo, Taste of Colorado, Museums, etc. for over 40 years. They have become a cultural jewel of Denver and have given the greatest gift of service through danceIf you have ever seen a performance I’m sure you have enjoyed the life and culture they bring to our community. 

We are now asking YOU to GIVE BACK so that our city and state can continue to enjoy this beautiful art and provide more opportunities for our CHILDREN to learn about their culture and others. It truly is a critical time to KEEP THE HISPANIC ARTS ALIVE!!

Your donation will support those dancers who have devoted a lifetime of the study in dance and now present the arts at the highest level, through Fiesta Colorado.  It is our goal to support a full-time dance company representing our state of Colorado.  It is important to create enriching experiences for future generations.

Please donate through this fundraiser to help us meet our goal of $10,000 by Colorado Gives Day Tuesday Dec.9!

Your donation will be INCREASED THROUGH THE $1 Million Incentive Fund.


Fiesta Colorado is honored to be a part of of Colorado Gives Day Program. This is the first time that we have officially asked for the financial support from those who have benefited from our many years of work.

WE TRULY THANK YOU! This support group is made of moms, teachers, students, working professionals and people who LOVE the Mexican and Spanish dance arts.

Thank you for your support!

Fiesta Colorado Dance Company

Jeanette Trujillo, Founder