There are three forms of the Spanish dance: Classical, Regional and Flamenco. Fiesta Colorado Flamenco Society’s repertoire includes dances from all three regions: the Jotas from Zaragoza, Escuela Bolera from Madrid and the Flamenco from Sevilla.

Fiesta Colorado is one of the few organizations that produces Flamenco concerts in the Denver area featuring Flamenco artists living in Colorado as well as inviting outside guest artists. Two presentations are presented each year: Spanish Dance showcase and the Colorado Flamenco Festival. They are the only company that has presented its classical Spanish dances with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra.

The art of Flamenco is a combination of the human spirit and passion being expressed through music and dance. Flamenco dance is an intimate interaction between the dancers and guitarists. The dancers in the company have had the opportunity of performing with some of the finest artists from Spain and the United States. Including: Guitarists: Jose “Chuscales” Fajardo, Steve Mullins, Ruben Romero, Miguel Espinoza and Guillermo Salazar Dancers: Mina Fajardo, Juan del Valle, Gina Martinez, María Vasquez, Sali Gutierrez and Vicente Romero.

Ms. Trujillo Lucero’s love of dance began with Ballet and then developed into Spanish dance. She studied with renowned maestros of Spanish dance: Lucille Campa, Vicente Romero, Pablo Rodarte and María Benitez. She studies each year at the annual Flamenco Dance Festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Aficionados of Spanish dance anticipate the Spanish dance performances of the Fiesta Colorado Flamenco Society.