Each year members of Fiesta Colorado performs and teaches at over 100 schools across the state of Colorado touching over 10,000 children annually.

Under the direction of Jeanette Trujillo Lucero, dance members are able to offer a full array of experiential offerings, tailor-made for grades K-12, where students discover the Hispanic arts and come to understand the roots of the culture and its traditions. These include:
• Single class Lecture/Demonstrations by Jeanette Trujillo Lucero
• Full Day Workshops for one or more classes
• In-school Residencies from 4 to 16 sessions, for one or more classes
• School Assemblies – performance by Dance Company Members

The types of activities in which the students are engaged include music and rhythm sessions; art projects such as mask, costume and instrument making; basics of choreography and creating a performance. Throughout all these activities, elements of history and culture are interwoven. The curriculum content can focus on the Mexican arts, culture and traditions, the Spanish arts, culture and traditions or both.

Dance Classes & Educational Outreach Program:

• Fiesta Colorado Dance Studio
• Think 360 Arts
• Cleo Parker Robinson
• Colorado Ballet Leap & Learn